Corby Power Ltd – Inspection and Test Outage 2017

TEI Ltd were awarded the outage for 2017 at Corby Power Station. The goal of the outage was to carry out client specified inspection and test plans throughout the plants pipework, headers, vessels and steelwork to allow the plant to be recertified in accordance with the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations. During this outage TEI Ltd were required to prepare the surfaces of all areas required for the inspections and co-ordinated their sub-contractor NDT inspectors, to ensure the project adhered to the programme milestones.

During the project severe cracking was observed in a flash vessel which would require a significant patch repair. A strategy was proposed to the client, which included repair method, weld procedures, heat treatment procedures and subsequent NDT, which was approved by the clients specialists. The repair was carried out as per the proposed method and NDT results confirmed the repairs had been successful and would allow the plant to be returned to service.

Overall the project was completed in full as per the client’s specification meeting the programme dates and deliverables and the plant was successfully recertified under the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations.