Environmental issues are at the forefront of world politics and the politics of the industrialised nations. Global warming and the consequences of the effects of greenhouse gases dominate today’s news items and environmentalists are demanding government action to lower CO2 emissions.

How TEi can assist plant owners and operators…

If a user or plant owner generates energy from fossil fuel technology TEi can advise on engineering solutions so that cleaner low cost energy can be generated to help create a better environment.

It does not matter what type of fuel is used TEi can help to reduce the energy costs and CO2 emissions by evaluation of the current plant and simple, cost effective engineered solutions to maximise fuel efficiency and minimise all emissions including SOx and NOx can be proposed. As well as improving the environment this will also be cost effective for the operator.

Whether the proposal is for an upgrade of boiler plant, alternative fuels (more), or process heat recovery, the system can be re-engineered, and any modifications, manufacture and/or installation of any new equipment undertaken by TEi Ltd. The work will be planned to suit production demands and minimise downtime.

TEi is able to advise on CHP (Combined Heat and Power), and EFW (Energy from Waste) systems. (more)

Whatever type of equipment is involved – TEi’s Technical Services Division will be pleased to receive a call for a free consultation.

What is TEi doing to minimise its own Carbon Footprint?

“The company will seek actively to reduce its impact on the environment to the lowest practicable minimum, by recognising its responsibilities through a proactive policy on safety at the workplace, control of pollution and care for the local environment. Any threat of pollution from its activities and procedures will be identified and either eliminated or effectively controlled. (TEi environmental policy)

Every aspect of the business has been analysed and TEi is proud to say that they no longer have any impacts of significance. This was achieved by recycling waste, controlling hazardous waste and managing energy use and controlling emissions. It is a TEi management objective to reduce the carbon footprint year on year and this website will be updated with new initiatives.

Working with our clients

TEi is increasingly finding that Clients need to ensure that waste is managed, re-cycled and that the environment is not polluted by engineering activities.

TEi will incorporate its processes with those of the Client and ensure that its staff are trained to implement site specific procedures.

If the Client’s site already has processes to control environmental aspects then those requirements can be implemented and most importantly TEi’s site staff will be trained to accommodate those requirements. Training is seen as an essential part of compliance and all staff are trained to be able to comply with all processes and controls for environmental incidents, waste management and spills.