Drax Plastic Pipework Project

The awarded project was to replace a temporary waste water line with a fixed line to carry the waste water to a certain point in the cooling tower canals. The line would be fabricated from 8” plastic pipe, and would start 4 meters below the ground, travelling around the cooling towers, along the sides of the canals to the end termination point nearly 400 meters away.

Over 200 brackets were fabricated to support the pipework and anchor it in place along its route, the brackets were all galvanise dipped to ensure they would remain corrosion free for many years to come.

The plastic pipe sections came in 12 meter lengths, and were connected by heat welded fittings, enabling a solid welded joint which included full computerised readouts of every plastic weld along the full its full length.

The project was completed with high praise from the client with a view to replace more pipe on-site at a later date.