High speed Eddy Current Condenser Tube inspection

Tube inspection probing
Tube inspection results

TEi Yimpact Heat Exchanger and Condenser Services have recently upgraded their existing auto analysis eddy current tube inspection system to include the latest high speed probe transport system.

The new system speeds the probing of condenser and large heat exchanger tubes up threefold, projecting the probe through the tube at speeds up to 20ft per second and inspecting the tube at speeds up to 10ft per second.

At a recent 100% inspection project in South Wales, 14,000 condenser tubes of 9m long were inspected in 11 single day shifts with initial analysis provided immediately at the end of the project. TEi have now been awarded a further 4 condensers at this site to be inspected during 2015.

This new system can provide our clients with the option to either reduce the time on site for their standard 10% preventative maintenance inspections (at a reduced cost) or to extend their inspection to a greater percentage at a similar cost. We understand that TEi Ltd are the only company with this capability in the UK.