We provide mechanical testing for key material parameters for base metals and welded components. Our team have experience testing the mechanical properties of a wide range of metals and some non-metals. Testing can be provided to establish material conformance to a variety of British, European and American standards.

Utilising our mechanical testing facilities, we can provide weld procedure and welder qualification certification to both EN ISO and ASME IX.

Our mechanical testing facilities include:

Tensile testing

We can facilitate ambient, elevated and sub-zero temperature tensile tests to European and American specifications utilising a 500kNServo-hydraulic MAYES machine linked to an INSTRON controller. We typically report the yield & ultimate tensile strength,elongation, and reduction of area.

Charpy Impact Testing

We have dedicated test machines for testing to both European and American standards. Testing can be carried out at cryogenic, ambient and elevated temperature for evaluation of toughness and fracture properties.

Compression and Bend testing

We offer a range of tests to evaluate flexibility, formality and fracture properties.

Hardness Testing

Material hardness is often a key parameter when determining conformance to a specification. We offer hardness testing using our conventional Rockwell, Vickers and micro Vickers hardness testers. We are able to test materials with hardness’s ranging from soft aluminium alloys to hardened coating layers. Our conventional machines are complemented by our portable hardness testers which are typically used for non-destructive testing.

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