An entirely new air plasma for TEI

TEi upgrade to the Powermax plasma site cutting and gouging system, simplified operation cuts down on downtime and overall costs. Cutting any metal type or forms.

Prior to arrival I was rather reluctant about the Hypertherm, reason being usually with plasma sets they’re heavy, immobile and not really practical for most of the work we do. I always thought they were more geared to workshop environments and not sites, especially working in boilers and vessels.

 I was in shock at how small and light the Hypertherm is, a complete contrast to my preconception. Easily moveable and easily set up with the 415volt 32amp 5 pin plugs. Another problem you encounter usually with plasma sets is the the torch, all the different bits you need for the torch head, the Hypertherm torch only requires an individual cartridge for your torch heads, It makes things much easier, there’s nothing more challenging than when you’re in a confined space such as a boiler, and your torch is blocked up and you need to disarrange the whole torch head into 5 or 6 pieces to change one piece to get it working again.

The Hypertherm also comes with a range of cutting cartridges which I found brilliant, the 3 include a flush cut cartridge which has a bevel on it, a drag cutting cartridge and a max removal gouging cartridge. The quality of cut with the drag cut is unmatched. There’s no comparison with that and the Oxy Fuel in my opinion. I had 2 different pieces of material to use it on. The first I tried on was some 12mm Carbon Steel plate and it was like a machine cut, very easy to control. The second piece was 38MM thick P91, which obviously Oxy Fuel will not cut, but the Hypertherm cut it extremely easily and neatly.

I thought the QR code on the machine was a clever touch, once scanned you was onto the main website with all the information you need for setting up, which nozzles to use and whole load of information. Along with a tutorial. It’s good to see the machine is evolving with technology. On the whole very impressed with the Hypertherm. Definitely a tool which can be used efficiently and effectively on sites around the country.