Successful Replacement Boiler Wall Tubes for Ineos Nitriles at Seal Sands

TEi Ltd recently completed the successful supply and installation of replacement boiler wall tubes for Ineos Nitriles at Seal Sands.

The replacement tubes were supplied in 6 to 8 tube membrane panels fully welded and bent into shape for ease of installation and to save welding time on site.

The completed panels were pressure tested then transported to site and expanded into the existing top and bottom boiler drums then seal welded to the next panel. The top drum being over 6 metres higher than the bottom drum and all the bottom tubes were swaged down in diameter to take up less space in the smaller bottom drum.

The contract was completed on time with over 370 pressure welds and over 270 tube expansions (to seal the tubes into the top and bottom drums) carried out in-situ and the completed boiler pressure tested and re-commissioned.