TEi has won the Safety Contribution Award at Pembroke Power Station

During recent outage at RWE Pembroke Power Station TEi have been presented with the Safety Contribution Award – Making a Difference for great health and safety performance.

The Award was accepted by Jake Parker and was presented to the TEI team.

From the client:

It’s my great pleasure to inform you all that the Pembroke Power station Safety Award has today been granted to TEI for their exemplary safety performance in the U31 ‘C2’ inspection.

It’s always very difficult to manage HRSG and Boiler works safety and the works are high risk by their very nature. What we have observed through the last 31 days with TEI as our partner is an impeccable record on safety, but also an excellent general work ethic which has run through the management of the works by the site managers, through the supervisors and into the technicians themselves.

The safety audit, conducted with TEI by Chris Grimes, found many good practices that we all hope to learn from. It’s been an excellent performance and its down to excellent management by Jake, Simon, Andy and Liam of course, but also John and Wayne and their teams who have all played their part and contributed to this impressive achievement.

Congratulations, and I look forward to continuing to work with you and maintaining this performance.

Safety Contribution Award at Pembroke Power Station