TEi Limited Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update.

With regards to the recent international events in relation to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) we would like you to know that it remains “Business as Usual” at TEi.

We would like to inform all TEi Stakeholders that we have taken necessary measures and precautions based on UK Government guidance. As a business working in the critical infrastructure industries such as power generation and oil & gas, we have identified health and business risks which may impact upon our Clients and TEi Operations.

TEi’s Business Continuity Planning process has identified key risks to the business related to the current situation such as staff absence and commercial risks of contract fulfilment. As a part of the plan, key personnel have been identified and alternative working arrangements made to mitigate disruption to TEi operations in collaboration with our valued customers.

We have issued a Company Bulletin to all staff and employees with Government guidance on COVID-19 and how to lower its impact.

Our HR department is actively monitoring the travel of our employees and has issued advice regarding travel within the UK and abroad. Any personnel travelling to and from affected countries, or have been in close contact with individuals known to have visited Category 1 or 2 countries should follow UK Government guidance: www.gov.uk/guidance.

Our Health & Safety department will issue regular updates to all TEi employees regarding the current situation based on Government guidance.

In case of any questions please do not hesitate to contact our head office in Wakefield.