TEi Ltd carry out a condenser retube at a Coal fired power plant in Northern Ireland

Re-tube in Northern Ireland

TEi Yimpact Heat Exchanger and Condenser Services completed a full replacement 5,650 x 1” OD Aluminium Brass tubes, 10.5m long.

The tubes were purchased from an approved German tube manufacturer, shipped to the client who stored the tubes until the site retube work started in April 2015. The tubes were removed using automatic tube pulling and flattening equipment before being shipped off to our scrap metal merchant who sold the 43 tonnes of scrap aluminium brass on our behalf, providing our client with a sizeable discount to the project.

10% of all the replacement tubes were eddy current inspected by TEi as they were fitted to ensure no damage had occurred to the tubes between manufacture and fitting, following the 100% inspection which had been carried out on manufacture.

The whole project was completed within the allotted timescale of 4.5 weeks successfully without any health and safety or environment incident.

This project was the 5th of its type carried out by Yimpact Heat Exchanger and Condenser services within the UK in the last 4 years.