TEi have operated a very successful quality management system in accordance with ISO9001, and certified by LRQA in 1989. Additionally from the early 1990’s TEi implemented and operated a safety management system structured to the requirements of HSG 65. With the pending re-issue of ISO14001 in 2004 and the need to have an additional robust system of controlling environmental aspects of the business and to be able to conform to customer needs TEi embarked on a management system to meet the requirements all three standards in 2004. Thus during 2005 a single integrated management system was developed to enable the three standards to be assessed and certified as a single arrangement to the benefit of TEi and its customers.

Final certification by LRQA was awarded on January 12 2006. As of 2020 TEi were certified to the new standards of ISO9001,ISO1401,ISO4501 and SSIP accredited by TUV.

One of our most important objectives is to improve the competency of our staff and labour force through continual training programs. TEi’s labour force receives continual training and on the job toolbox talks throughout their employment to enable them to maintain the highest level of skill competency, environmental and safety awareness.

The system continues to improve year on year. The processes developed now not only demonstrate that TEi have the necessary competency to be able to implement these standards on all our projects and contracts and comply with all UK and European legislation. The system provides constant review of new legislation so that TEi are able to comply immediately the legislation becomes law.

Our Clients can be assured that our service provides for engineering excellence, compliance to national and international standards and legislation.